Representations of Uyghurs in China’s ‘Illustrated Story Books’ (lianhuanhua)

Last week, I posted a short blog on Representations of Tibet and Tibetans in China’s ‘Illustrated Story Books’ (lianhuanhua). This week I’ve turned my attention to exploring the presence of Uyghurs in these popular art forms. Spanning the 1950s through to the early 1980s, below are some of the images that I have found so far.

1. Uighur Heroine Anarhan (维吾尔族女英雄阿娜尔汗), 1950-59. Tianjin United Bookstore Source

2. The Road to Dazhai (大寨之路), 1966. Xinjiang People’s Publishing House Source

3. He Lives On Forever in the Heart of Soldiers (他永远活在战士的心中), 1971. Xinjiang People’s Publishing House Source

4. Forever Warmly Loving Chairman Mao (永远热爱毛主席)), 1972. People’s Art Publishing House Source

5. Combat Hero Ismayil Mehmet(战斗英雄司马义买买提), 1977. Xinjiang People’s Publishing House Source

6. Singing Songs on the Way to Beijing: Uyghurs Love Chairman Mao (唱着歌儿上北京: 维吾尔族热爱毛主席), 1966 (second print in 1978). Source

7. The Story of Kongquehe (孔雀河的故事), 1978. Xinjiang People’s Publishing House Source

8. Premier Zhou in Xinjiang(周总理在新疆), 1979. Xinjiang People’s Press Source

9.  Red Flowers of Heavenly Mountain (天山的红花), 1981. Xinjiang People’s Publish House Source

10. A Woman’s Love (一个女人的爱情), 1983. China Folk Arts Publishing House Source

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.05.40.png


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