Conferences, Invited Talks and Other Activities

Invited Talks


Tibet, Economic Development & the Affective Politics of Online State Media in the PRC. Digital Modern Languages Seminar Series, School of Advanced Study, University of London.


Regimes of Temporality: China, Tibet and the Politics of Time in the Post-2008 Era. Lancaster University China Centre and Confucius Institute Lunch Seminar, Lancaster University.


Losing the ‘Spirit of the Homeland’: Cultural Development and the Online Politics of Representation Surrounding Tibetan Modernity in Contemporary China. Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit Seminar Series, University of Cambridge.


Eating the ‘Spirit of the Grasslands’: The Trade and Slaughter of the Tibetan Mastiff. Buddhism, Business and Believers Lecture Series, University of Copenhagen.


Homeland in Decay: Cultural Appropriation and the Case of the Tibetan Mastiff in Contemporary Tibet. Tibetan Graduate Students’ Seminar, University of Oxford.


Tibetan Identity Politics in Cyberspace. Modern Tibet Lecture Series, Southwestern University.

Panel Presentations, Roundtables and Workshops


‘For Us Foreigners, Licking Your Fingers Clean is a Good Habit’: On Learning Chinese and Learning About Discourse from Chinese-language Textbooks. Critical Pedagogy for Modern Languages Education Workshop. (with Paul Kendall and Gerda Wielander)


Researching Ethnic Identities in Contemporary China: Roundtable Discussion. The School of East Asian Studies, The University of Sheffield.

‘My Dreams, My Plateau’: State Media Representations of Tibetan Entrepreneurs in the Post-2008 Era. 15th Annual Conference on Asian Studies: Continuity and Change, Palacký University Olomouc.

‘My Dreams, My Plateau’: State Media Representations of Tibetan Entrepreneurs in the Post-2008 Era. British Association of China Studies Conference, University of Birmingham.

Telling the Story of Our Research – Roundtable Discussion. Graduate School Festival, University of Westminster.

Old Photo Sharing and the Politics of Time in Post-2008 Tibet. China from the Margins: New Narratives of the Past and Present, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. 

Sinophone Creative Responses to Covid-19 Racisms and Xenophobia. Difference Festival, University of Westminster. (Co-presented with Dr. Denise Kwan)

Social Media and your PhD: Crafting an Effective Online Researcher Profile, The Graduate School, University of Westminster.


Digital Identity, Social Media and Your PhD. Techne Congress – An AHRC Doctoral Training Centre Partnership, University of Westminster.

On Abortion and Empire in Ireland and China. Abortion and Empire in a Sinophobic Age, London Learning Cooperative.

The Politics of Time and Everyday Nationalism in Post-2008 Tibet. Association for the Study of Nationalities, Columbia University. *cancelled due to COVID-19*

Re-imag(in)ing Tibet: Online Media and ‘Old Photo’ Sharing among Tibetans in the PRC. Association for Asian Studies, Boston. *cancelled due to COVID-19*

The Power of Representation and Representation of Power: Nation, Ethnicity and Truth in Modern China (co-presented with Anna McNally). Difference Festival, University of Westminster.


Rice Bunnies and the CCP: A Look at China’s #Metoo Movement. Asia Research Institute Roundtable: International Women’s Day 2019 and/in Asia, University of Nottingham.


How and Why the Tibet Museum Needs to Think Digitally. Developing a Tibetan Museology in Exile Workshop, University of Manchester. (Co-presented with Mx. Velvet Spors).

Where is Ethnicity? Intersectionality in the Chinese Feminist Movement. China Academic Network on Gender Conference, Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Gender and Asia in Dialogue. China Academic Network on Gender Conference, Université Libre de Bruxelles.


Imag(in)ing the Past: The Practice of ‘Old Photo’ Sharing Among Tibetan Netizens in Chinese Cyberspace. Himalayan Studies Conference, University of Colorado.

Presences and Absences in the Chinese Feminist Movement. Feminism in China: Activist, Artist and Academic Voices, University of Westminster.

Queer Lives in China. Queer Asia Conference, SOAS.

Feminist Activism in China. Jiemei Collective, SOAS.


A Critical Discourse Analysis Approach to Representations of Tibetan Modernity Among Tibetans on Chinese Social Media. Pecha Kucha PhD Showcase, University of Nottingham.

Tibetan Constructions of Modernity on Social Media in the PRC. Brown Bag Seminar, University of Nottingham.

Other activities


Guest appearance on Pedagogies for Social Justice Podcast episode ‘The media as a colonial force, online politics of representation and decolonising Chinese studies.’


Co-organiser of ‘Racism and Orientalism: An Online Roundtable on Racialised Discourses on COVID-19,’ University of Westminster.


Co-organiser and co-host of ‘Let’s Talk Repeal: Information Session on the Irish Abortion Referendum,’ University of Nottingham.

Co-organiser and co-host of podcast and public event ‘Beyond Marriage Equality: A Conversation With LGBTQ+ Activists from Taiwan and Nottingham.’ Taiwan Studies Program, University of Nottingham.

Panel chair of ‘Margins of Queer Culture.’ Fear of a Queer China: Activism, Culture and Resistance, University of Nottingham.

Co-organiser of ‘Fear of a Queer China: Activism, Culture and Resistance.’ University of Nottingham.


Co-organiser and co-host of ‘Nasty Chinese Women Can Say No: The Rise of Queer, Feminist Activism in China – a Conversation with Li Maizi.’ Identities, Citizenship, Equalities and Migration Centre (ICEMiC), University of Nottingham.

Co-organiser of ‘Feminist Activism and NGO Work in Contemporary Nepal. In Conversation with Sharmila Thapa.’ Institute of Asia and Pacific Studies (IAPS), University of Nottingham.