Conferences and Invited Talks

December 2017. “Eating the “Spirit of the Grasslands”: Tibetan Netizens on the Trade and Slaughter of the Tibetan Mastiff.” University of Copenhagen.

November 2017. “Presences and Absences in the Chinese Feminist Movement.” Feminism in China: Activist, Artist and Academic Voices. University of Westminster.

September 2017. “Imag(in)ing the Past: The Practice of ‘Old Photo’ Sharing Among Tibetan Netizens in Chinese Cyberspace.” Himalayan Studies Conference. University of Colorado.

June 2017. “Queer Lives in China” (panel). Queer Asia. SOAS.

March 2017. “Homeland in Decay: Cultural Appropriation and the Case of the Tibetan Mastiff in Contemporary Tibet.” Tibetan Graduate Students’ Seminar. University of Oxford.

March 2017. “Nasty Chinese Women Can Say No: The Rise of Queer, Feminist Activism in China – a Conversation with Li Maizi.” University of Nottingham (Co-organised with Dr. Sarah Dauncey).

March 2017. “Feminist Activism in China. In Conversation with Li Maizi” (panel). SOAS.

March 2017. “Feminist Activism and NGO Work in Contemporary Nepal. In Conversation with Sharmila Thapa.” IAPS. University of Nottingham. (Co-organised with Dr. Carole Spary).

Oct 2015. “Tibetan Identity Politics in Cyberspace.” Southwestern University.