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My name is Séagh Kehoe, and I am a I’m a Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow in Chinese Language and Culture at the School of Humanities, University of Westminster. I recently completed a PhD in Contemporary Chinese Studies at the School of Politics and IR, University of Nottingham.

My interest in China began after a fairly impromptu decision to move to Guangdong Province to teach English in 2006. After five years, I returned to Ireland to pursue a BA (Hons.) in Sociology and Chinese Studies. I later completed a MA in East Asian Politics at Leiden University.

I studied Mandarin at Sichuan University, Guangxi University, and an underground house church in Nanning City in China, and Tibetan at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Nepal.

My research interests include media and internet, celebrity, ethnicity, feminism and LGBTQ+ politics in Contemporary China.

I also founded and co-run WAGIC.org, a dedicated space for discussing gender, sexuality and feminism(s) in China past and present.

To get in touch, find me on Twitter @seaghkehoe and @halfthesky49, or email at seaghkehoe[at]gmail[dot]com



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