Police Report on Pema Tseden’s Detention

Here is a translation of a police report regarding the detention of Pema Tseden. It appeared in Legal Daily (法制日报) yesterday (June 29th). Pema’s name in Mandarin is Wanma Caidan (万玛才旦), and he is referred to in the below translation as Mr. Wan. Many thanks to my anonymous co-translator for their contributions.

(Neither myself nor the other person who contributed to the translation below are professional translators. Please get in touch if you feel that any particular section needs attention or have any suggestions for improvement!)

Qinghai Civil Aviation Airport Public Security Bureau Carry out Legal Investigate into a Passenger Who Disturbed Public Order through Illegal Behaviour

Legal Daily Online, Xining June 29th  Han Ping reports

A notice issued this afternoon by Qinghai Civil Aviation Airport Public Security Bureau: In recent days, in order to maintain peace and stability, and acting in accordance with legal procedure, Qinghai Airport Security investigated a case of a passenger who disturbed public order through illegal behavior.

On June 25th at 20:15 Mr. Wan, the person who behaved illegally, arrived in Xining on flight CZ6269 from Beijing. At 20:30, Mr. Wan walked out of the arrival control area. When we reached the parking lot, he discovered that he had left a piece of luggage in the arrival hall on a cart near the luggage carousel. He then returned from the parking lot to the arrival hall. At 20:35 Mr. Wan trespassed into the arrival control area in search of his luggage. Airport security personnel repeatedly tried to dissuade him, but Mr. Wan would not be listen and argued with safety personnel. Following this, airport safety personnel called for the police.

Three on-duty police officers from the Qinghai Civil Aviation Airport Security Bureau immediately arrived at the scene. In accordance with the relevant legislation under “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Safety and Security of Civil Aviation”, the officers demanded Mr. Wan leave the control area, and also adviced that airport personnel help him to find his luggage. However, Mr. Wan would not listen their advice and would not leave the control area. He continued to shout and scream in the control area, and would not co-operate with the directives of the on-duty police officers. After repeated attempts by on-duty police officers were ineffective, at 20:49 the officers forcibly removed Mr. Wang from the scene to carry out investigation.

During the investigation, the on-duty police officers patiently educated and explained policy to Mr. Wan. They also asked Mr. Wan’s friends from the scene to co-operate with police work and accept investigation. However, Mr. Wan still refused to co-operate and refused to answer the officers’ questions. According to evidence gathered at the scene by Qinghai Civil Aviation Airport Security Bureau from two of their counterparts, airport staff, and eye witnesses, Mr. Wan’s behavior constituted a disturbance of public order. The facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive. In accordance with the provisions of Article 23 of the first paragraph of the “Public Security Administration Punishments Law of the People’s Republic of China” the Qinghai Civil Aviation Airport Public Security Bureau placed Mr. Wan into detention for a period of 5 days as punishment.

During the investigation of this case, Qinghai Civil Aviation Airport Security Bureau police informed Mr. Wan of his legal rights, and strictly abided by the laws and regulations during the course of interrogation. An audio-visual recording of the entire course of law enforcement was made. In accordance with the laws and regulations, before Mr. Wan was put into detention, police escorted him to the People’s Hospital in Haidong City, Ping’An District to undergo a physical examination. According to the results of his physical examination, it was established that there was no legal basis preventing Mr. Wan from being put into detention. On June 26th at 7:10 Mr. Wan was taken to Ping’An district detention centre. On June 25th at 20:49 police forcibly escorted Mr. Wan from the scene. As Mr. Wan refused to co-operate, this led to 3 scars on his wrists from handcuffing.

At the detention center, Mr. Wan’s scars were recorded and Mr. Wan signed a document to confirm this. On June 27th at 10:00, Qinghai Civil Aviation Airport Security Bureau made a phone call to Ping’An District Detention Center. They requested medical care for Mr. Wan who was experienced chest pains and dizziness. Qinghai Civil Aviation Airport Security Bureau immediately sent two officers with legal recording equipment to escort him to Ping’An District Hospital. In the presence of his friends and family, Mr. Wan received medical examination. The results of his examination showed high blood pressure and hyperglycemia. No other symptoms were detected. Doctors recommended that Mr. Wan be admitted to hospital for observation. After being treated, 2 police officers once again read Mr. Wan his rights and informed him that once he had recovered he would complete the remainder of his administrative detention period. Mr. Wan expressed agreement.

Qinghai Civil Aviation Airport Security Bureau sincerely thanks the large netizenry for following public security work,and welcomes netizen scrutiny of the Public Security Bureau and police.

Original Editor: Zhang Xin.


发布时间:2016-06-29 19:22 星期三来源:法制日报——法制网

    法制网西宁6月29日电 记者韩萍 今天下午,民航青海机场公安局通报:近日,为维护机场治安秩序稳定,民航青海机场公安局依法查处一起旅客扰乱公共场所秩序违法行为。





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